An Assortment of Greens

Mustards and Chard
Mustards and Chard


Well, not really “greens”. Some are red, others yellow, orange, purple, or blue. I grow many kinds of greens and other colors of leafy vegetables each summer for myself and for the farm market. In going through a recent shipment of seeds this week I have found Agano mustard, Siberian kale, rainbow chard, red grumolo chicory, sibilla chard, and wild white stem chicory. Another box is full of lettuces: Asian red, cimarron, May Queen, summertime, all-year-round, and red iceberg. There are still cabbages to sort through but I know I’ve got savoy types, many kinds of reds, and various types of green cabbages. And I still need to determine how many and what varieties of amaranth and chenopodium seeds I have right now.

There are a lot herbs to plant too. Some I am very eager to grow are garlic chives, Moldavian dragonshead (member of the mint family), and New Guinea basil. I’ll be planting many sorts of basil besides New Guinea such as cinnamon, osmin purple, monstruso, lemon, and sacred. Also, cilantro, oregano, fennel, anise, and dill.

Right now my gardens are frozen solid under icy snow. This weekend the lows are predicted to be as cold as -20. Planting is out of the question this month. It will be more than ten weeks before I start planting some greens and herbs outside. Before then I will have hot and sweet peppers and many kinds of tomatoes already growing and needing to be moved to the cold frame. In the meantime, there are flats and pots to organize, grow lights to check, soil to mix, and many more seeds to mull over.

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