Hearing the wind and snow

My chicken coop in the swirling snow
My chicken coop in the swirling snow
We got our usual February snowstorm today with heavy snow and a lot of wind from Lake Superior. When it’s over there will be about eight inches on the ground and that will give much needed water for the soil in the spring. This is especially important because almost no rain fell after June last year and the snowfall up until today was sparse.

My sheep huddled under their shed where I had stockpiled a lot of good hay for them on balsam fir branches. The chickens went inside their coop when the storm arrived. I had put plenty of extra food and water out for them earlier in the day. I also piled hay in their coop and mixed it with corn to keep them busy eating and scratching.

When the storm slowed I put on my snowshoes and took a long walk in the marsh on my land. It was strenuous walking but well worth getting tired to feel and hear only the wind and the snow.

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