My Sheep

Sheep 2Last April I bought a flock of six sheep consisting of one ram (Aries) and five ewes (Dixie and her lamb Buttercup, Britt, Faith, and Brennah). Except for Dixie and Buttercup who are, I was told, part Jacob sheep, they are purebred Shetland sheep. Shetlands are a rare breed of sheep from the northern regions of Europe and are considered a primitive breed, that is, not “improved” by selective breeding programs. Sort of like open-pollinated seeds I suppose. They come in several colors and color patterns, are small, and durable. Rare, small, tough and coming in different colors, not just white, those were appealing to me.

In the next week I will be posting the story of my sheep and how and why I came to get them. For now I will leave you with a photo of Faith.

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