A Warm Winter and an Early Spring Thaw

The spring thaw has begun
The Spring Thaw has Begun
Its March 9th, misting rain with a little slushy snow. The weather prediction was for six inches of snow with freezing rain but as of noon only a quarter-inch of slush has fallen. The air temperatures are very warm at about 35 degrees. Yesterday, I took a walk down to the small river that crosses my land to watch the sunset in the approaching storm front. The river ice is already melting in places as our weather for the first weeks of March has been very mild. This is a photo at a washed out beaver dam on the river where it is now melting rapidly.

So far today I’ve fed my sheep their lunch (I feed them hay 3 times a day, that way they stay accustomed to my presence and don’t waste so much food), collected eggs, mixed up potting soil and transplanted seedling thyme into pots. In a little while I will be planting my second batch of hot peppers which include long red cayenne, serano, and Hungarian hot wax and transplanting coleus seedlings that I hope will sell at the farm market this spring. And this morning my first tomato seedlings have come up, twelve each of Black Cherokee and (allegedly) Wild Currant. This was surprising as the seeds are at least four years old.

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