Seedling peppers are coming up….

….and soon they will take over my basement. As they grow larger I will be watering several dozen trays a day of hot and sweet peppers, and all sorts of tomatoes, tomatillo, cabbages, kale, cauliflower, broccoli, chard, basil, marigolds, nicotiana, and salvia. Luckily, flats of plants like cabbage and chard can be set out early in April in a cold frame where they can grow under the protection of glass when temperatures get too low. Tomatoes and other tender annuals will need to stay indoors until the end of April when they can be kept in a cold frame during the day and maybe at night if the frame is covered with blankets.

Right now peppers and coleus are the big thing under my grow lights. I have planted seeds of several pepper varieties: pepperoncini, Serrano, Aci Sivri, jalapeño, wonder bell, Thai, Anaheim, Hungarian hot wax, balloon, and lemon drop. Some are coming up slowly but others are showing excellent germination. The coleus is doing well and so far I have transplanted 32 seedlings from their starter flat to cells. I may wind up with over a hundred coleus plants for sales in May. I’m hoping to have 200 tomato plants and at least 50 hot pepper plants ready for sales in May. There are about 24 seedlings of a currant tomato and one called Black Cherokee. But the main varieties for plant sales will be typical round and red varieties, which are very popular, and cherry tomatoes. For myself I will be growing linguisa paste, black plum, yellow splendor and a few others. Planting of these types will begin on March 20. Then it is on to marigolds, nicotiana, tomatillo, and the cabbages, kale, cauliflower, broccoli, and chard.

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