A Flock of Sheep Chapter Three: First Day of Spring

First day of spring, 2 degrees above zero at 7:30 AM and I went out to walk my dog, then feed and water the chickens and sheep. I brought a big wheelbarrow load of hay to the sheep and started putting some of it into the manger in the loafing pen. Brennah, Faith, Buttercup, and Britt came out to eat but not Aries and Dixie who were still in the shed. I have a manger in there too so I brought the rest of the hay over there. Aries and Dixie were standing in the shed. Aries was being very quiet, he usually tries to hit me when he sees me. Dixie was standing in a corner. There was some blood on the wool of her back legs. I got a little panic seeing that, knowing she was pregnant but not knowing she would give birth today. The lamb was standing too, looked good from where I was and even bleated. I have not yet gone into to see them as I don’t want to make Dixie nervous. Still feeling shaky myself.

Cold night ahead again so I will be packing a lot of bedding hay in the shed today and getting another bucket in there for Dixie to drink from. I am hoping my other ewes will have their lambs next month. The rest of March is not going to be very warm.

UPDATE: Dixie has had another lamb. This one is all white and a ram. I brought her a bucket of warm water with a little salt and molasses in it, figured she would need that. Both lambs look good and are dried off. Cold weather predicted for tonight so I will be up late checking on my new arrivals very often. I’ve packed about three bales of loose hay around the inside of the shed. Hoping all the sheep will stay in there tonight and keep things warm.

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