A Flock of Sheep Chapter Five: Naming the Twins

The lambs are four days old and getting more and more active each day. Today they were in the main pen where the sheep normally eat hay running and jumping and exploring their new world. Dixie stays with them and keeps the other sheep at a distance. She paws the ground with her left front foot and drops her head as a warning to anyone who gets too close. She calls her lambs with soft low bleating sounds.

I am deciding on names for the twins. I am looking at Celtic and Nordic names for them, in reference to the origins of the Shetland sheep breed, that will describe something special about each lamb.

For the ewe I am thinking of these Celtic names: Áine (brightness, glow, joy, radiance) or Brighid (exalted one). Both names are associated with light and glory. In Celtic lore the goddess Brighid is associated with fire and fire symbols like sunrises. Because she was born at dawn I am leaning strongly to the name Brighid.

The ram is a pearly white with tightly coiled wool. He is very adventurous and more more playful than his sister. I am thinking of naming him Fionnán, another Celtic name, for “fair, white”.

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