A Flock of Sheep Chapter Seven: Two More New Lambs Today

Its been a long day. Faith gave birth this morning at about 9 AM to two lambs. Both are rams with white wool overall and a few faint brown markings. Faith is solid brown and so I expected her lambs to be brown or mostly brown. I’ll have to go over the pedigree and try figure this out.

This is Faith’s first lambing and she did a good job with no complications. The lambs are still a little messy with some blood stains but in a day or two they should look better. It took them a few hours but the lambs are now up and walking and nursing. Tonight the lows will be in the 20’s which is much better than last week’s below zero temperatures.

Dixie stayed near Faith today and would talk to her and the lambs. She would come over and check on them. Dixie’s lambs have really grown in the last week and are running all over the place. I think they are tiring her out.

I think Brennah is next. Her belly is very large and she was breathing heavily today. Dixie would walk up to her when this was happening and place her face next to Brennah’s as if to comfort or reassure her.

I’m going to check on them one last time before it gets dark. Maybe there will be more lambs tomorrow.

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