A Flock of Sheep Chapter Eight: Faith and Her New Lambs

Faith had twin rams yesterday. I was worried they might not make it. One was shivering for some time and the other had trouble standing. Also, Faith seems a little confused about what to do. She did not clean the lambs very well (there is still some caked blood in their wool) but she got them dried off. This is her first lambing and I suppose not all of the details are purely instinct.

Today Faith is in a bad mood and has been pawing and stomping the ground and hitting Britt, Brennah, and Buttercup. Why I don’t know. She is feeding the lambs but will wander off and ignore them, too. I will be very glad when a few more days pass and they begin nibbling hay. If there are problems feeding I have some goat milk on hand and a bottle (should have bought two) just in case. The lambs let me touch them so I’m hoping bottle feeding won’t be too much trouble.

All the ewes are eating a lot now. For Dixie and Faith it is important to get extra nutrition since they have to feed twins. The other three ewes need extra food now for the last phases of pregnancy. I have made up a grain mix with soybeans, yellow peas, sunflower seeds, wheat, corn, oats, beet pulp, salt and molasses for extra protein and minerals. And I am bring hay to the sheep four times a day making many little piles so that no one gets all of it or fights over it.

I keep expecting Brennah to have her lamb or lambs any day. But each day is a false alarm with panting and labored rising when she gets up. But I do think that by the weekend she will give birth.

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