My Worried Little Beagle

It isn’t all sheep and chickens here. I have two other small animals in my household (excluding the dust mites and other small invertebrates). One is a beagle, a female, rescued from a life of puppy-making. She’s a good little dog. Loyal, sort of, but very dedicated to sniffing the ground, eats anything (sigh), and loves walks in the woods with me. Her name is Penny and she is 9 years old.

I have always had cats but after my last cat Mr. Manny died I decided not to get another cat. But when I saw this cat who was always cuddling in my arms at a farm market acquaintance’s house I really knew I wanted him. So now he lives with me and Penny. He’s really quite smart, plays catch with me like a dog, follows me all over the house, enjoys chewing my hands, and hunts flies. His name is TC for Terrific Cat or Terrible Cat depending on his behavior.

But poor Penny is very much set in her ways and does not want this interloper. He knows it of course and being a young cat (just a year and 3 months) is full of mischievous energy. He weighs almost as much as she does, too. Thirteen pounds to her twenty. Anyway, this young cat has taken over Penny’s territory and there is little she can do about it. Sometimes she steals his toys and chews them up.

I can see why she has that worried look on her face. Just look at the expression on his. No wonder she’s turning gray.

2 thoughts on “My Worried Little Beagle

    1. I did have a another dog here that I was watching while her people were out of town but Penny was so jealous. She wouldn’t let the new dog anywhere in the living room. She even “stole” one of the visiting dog’s toys and hid it. Penny does seem to like the sheep perhaps because they live outside.


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