A Flock of Sheep Chapter Ten: The New Lambs Are Growing Fast

Britt and her new lambs
Britt and her new lambs on March 30th
This is Britt with her lambs Eostre and Cernunnos on March 30th the day after they were born. They are seven days old now and are very active and growing. This was much more than I expected on the first day when Eostre, the ewe lamb, was wet and cold because Britt, who was in a confused state, did not clean her off as soon as she was born and probably did not nurse much she nursed that night. Even on the second day, Eostre was weak and frail but by the afternoon she had rebounded once she began to nurse. After just seven days the change in the new lambs is noticeable.

Faith’s lambs are also doing very well although they had a somewhat shaky start. Faith, like Britt, is a new mother and did not clean her lambs very well after they were born. In the last ten days they have grown and Faith has become better at caring for them. Britt’s and Faith’s lambs are starting to try hay and lick out the grain pans after the adult sheep are done. They have even eaten bark and buds from poplar twigs.

Dixie’s lambs were born on the first day of spring and are now sixteen days old. They are eating hay regularly, nibbling at grain, and drinking from the water bucket. Dixie is a good mother and keeps an eye on the other lambs, too, although she does not nurse any but hers.

Yesterday and today, more snow melted but the pasture is still under a few inches of it. The weather will be mild until the weekend when more snow is predicted to bury us. But soon the pasture will start to show exposed spots and then the adult sheep and the lambs can begin grazing on grass, clover and daisies, getting used to fresh food again gradually.

I’m still waiting for Brennah. She was bred or at least Aries was seen falling off of her a few times. And she is looking very large. Maybe this weekend but I’ve said that two times already. I suppose just wait and see.

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