Such a Difference from Last Year

Right now we are in a heavy snowstorm with strong winds gusting to 35 mph off of Lake Superior which is 40 miles to the north-northeast. The storm was expected to arrive late last night but didn’t get here until about 10 this morning. It is forecast to end on Friday afternoon. Last year at this time the weather was warm, the skies clear, the grass and some trees were greening (2 weeks early), and my garlic had been up and growing for twelve days already. But not so this month and certainly not today. And as I look out to my chicken coop I can see a piece of sheet metal coming loose from the roof. There isn’t much I can do about that until the wind stops.

The sheep and their lambs are doing fine and staying huddled in the shed. I have brought them more hay and in a little while it will be time for their grain ration. The chickens are also fine and staying indoors but the growing hole in the roof is letting in a lot of snow.

Most years in April I am canoeing the flood waters in the big marsh on my property. While waiting out the weather today I am looking over photos of the river. I came across these of the river and flood taken on March 15, 2010 and April 6, 2011. Both were such beautiful days with blue skies and cumulus clouds.

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