A Flock of Sheep Chapter Twelve: Buttercup has two lambs

Buttercup, my youngest ewe who just turned one year old this month, gave birth to two lambs Saturday afternoon. She had a ram with black wool and a ewe with white wool and maybe a few yellowish markings. For the last few days Buttercup had become very quiet and was spending a lot of time in the shed. By the third day I was worried that there might be a problem. Saturday was a tense day for me. Before the snowstorm that began on Wednesday (it ended Friday leaving 1 foot of wet snow behind) I was running low on grain for the sheep and chickens. I had just enough to get me through Saturday and with a little yogurt could stretch the chickens’ ration to Sunday. With the roads cleared late Friday I could now leave early Saturday to pick up 350 pounds of grains so I could mix up rations for my animals. I also needed to buy some groceries and emergency foods for the lambs should Buttercup have trouble birthing. So, I went to Moose Lake to get the grains, a 20 mile round trip, and then to Cloquet, 40 mile round trip, to get canned goat milk, cod liver oil, and a bottle of molasses. The milk, cod liver oil, and molasses were ingredients I would need for an emergency formula if Buttercup for whatever reason could not nurse the lambs. I already had a baby bottle on hand.

As with all my other expecting ewes I checked Buttercup frequently during the day. At 4:30 it was the time to feed the sheep their grain. I went to the pen and began pouring grain into the pans. Then I walked over to the shed where Buttercup was to give her some grain and there they were, two lambs, both standing and still a little wet. They had just been born. I stayed a little while until Buttercup got them cleaned off and began nursing.

Brennah’s surviving lamb seemed happy to have two lambs close to her size and nuzzled and sniffed them. Brennah seemed curious about them, too, and I wondered if she remembered loosing one of hers.

Today, the newest lambs are active and running outside sometimes. Brennah’s lamb is a week old today and she is growing well and becoming stronger. So, no more lambs until next year. Now it is about shearing sheep, watching the lambs grow, building a new larger shed with a lambing pen, adding more fence, and working on pasture improvement.

Brennah's lamb. She is one week old now.
Brennah’s lamb. She is one week old now.

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