New Chicks

One of my Americauna hens went broody a month ago and began setting on the eggs laid by the other chickens. For a while I would just gather the eggs from under her each night. But she remained broody so I cleaned out a small dog kennel, put her in it with some soft hay, food, and water and left eight eggs with her to see what would happen. Over the last two days four of the eggs have hatched and I now have four new chicks. I don’t know if they are male or female so I’ll just wait and see.

My other chicks are now six weeks old and have grown much larger. They look healthy, have their adult feathers, and unlike last year none have died from a disease. Twelve have died one way or another to a cat, a hawk, a chipmunk, trampling by the other chicks in a panic during a storm, and, for one unfortunate bird, under my foot. So now I am down to 18 of my original chicks.

Here are three of the new chicks with the mother hen today.

New chicks

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