17 Below Zero at 7 AM but…

… it will only last a few more days. The chickens have been fed this morning a mash of corn, sunflower seeds, and boiled potatoes. The sheep are done eating a good mix of grass and alfalfa hay. Yesterday they had a treat- five gallons of chopped winter squash. Today they’ll get some aspen and balsam fir saplings.

So I’m indoors for a little while looking over photos of spring flowers like this one of white trout lily (Erythonium albidum) growing in my wildflower garden back on May 19, 2014.

Erythronium albidum (White Trout Lily)
Erythronium albidum (White Trout Lily)

4 thoughts on “17 Below Zero at 7 AM but…

    1. Hi, haven’t heard from you in a long while but I’ve been checking in from time to time on your blog. So glad to hear from you. Life has changed in some ways for you and for me as well (back in late 2012, a dreary scene actually).

      Yes, very cold here in northern Minnesota but “warmer” days are ahead they say by Saturday. So your chickens are cooped up? How cold is it where you are? The temps got to just about zero today and my chickens laid one egg which makes 4 for this year!

      More flowers on the way but before then a piece on rhubarb.

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      1. Awe, thank you! I am very glad to be back blogging. I really missed it and everyones elses blogs.
        Central WI was about -13 or so too Monday. I think Wed high is going to be -8. Eek. The hens were cooped up yesterday. Today i opened thw door for them but doubt they will venture out. Happy Tuesday.

        I wake up everyday and am thankful the sun came up. 😎


        1. Too cold but much worse with the wind which I can hear blowing through the trees by the house. I just cooked up a batch of potatoes, corn, peas, and sunflower seeds for the chickens. It should last about 3 days. My chickens aren’t too interested in going outside but I open the door for them which faces south so they can soak up some sun. And I put in a big pile of hay debris from the sheep’s’ mangers for them to play in.

          I got some good hay this year at a decent price. The sheep are loving it.

          Looking at the long range forecast to Friday we’re in for a few more days/nights of minus 10 or lower.

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