Prediction After the Fact

Wooly Bear

Well, according to this woolly bear its smaller black bands and wider orange band mean a less severe winter. But the problem is this caterpillar was out and about today (the high was 60). It was hibernating in the hay bales, a safe sheltered home, this winter which was not too snowy here and not too cold either. Too bad I didn’t see this caterpillar last October then I wouldn’t have bothered to buy a snow-blower. Unlike some parts of the country, our winter weather this year in my part of Minnesota saw less snow and temperatures that were cold but terrible. Now most of the snow has melted away, the ice is thawing on rivers and lakes, and we’ve had highs in the upper 50’s and lower 60’s since March 9 and before that the highs were at or above freezing. So, spring is here a week ahead of time.

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