New Plants Arrived

New perennials potted and ready to grow
New perennials potted and ready to grow (yes, that is snow on the porch)

Yesterday, while I was out planting more horseradish, a box of plants and seeds arrived that I’d ordered from Oikos Tree Crops. They include perennial herbaceous plants that can be eaten plus one iris and two packets of teosinte, the wild ancestor of corn. Some of the plants are wild species and other are cultivated species. So here’s the list of what’s what:

Edible Perennials
Debelleville French Sorrel (cultivated)
Glaskins Perpetual Rhubarb (cultivated)
Peruvian Purple Potatoes (cultivated)
Opuntia Cactus (wild, edible stems)
Wood Lily (wild, edible bulbs)
Earth Pea (wild, edible tubers)

Teosinte Seeds (just for fun)
Iris lacustris (not edible, simply beautiful)

The Glaskins rhubarb went into the rhubarb patch immediately next to the Victoria rhubarb. I potted up the rest of perennials so that their roots would grow a bit except for the cactus which needed some drying. Today, I planted the pads in a mix of sand and rich soil so they will root. Later, as they grow larger, they will be moved up to bigger pots. The potatoes will be cut into seed pieces and planted Saturday along with about fifty other fingerling potato pieces.

Just a little while ago I walked up the drive to check the mail and there was another box with Adirondack Red Potatoes and Dakota Ivory Corn.

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