Rainy Day

Dwarf Iris


Its been a wet month of May with 7 inches of rain so far. The average rainfall for May in my county is 3 inches. Today we got 3/4’s of an inch and more rain is on the way. But the rain was needed. April was a dry month with just over a half-inch of rain, a sort of mini-drought. The dry conditions created by lack of rain prompted wildfire alerts across Minnesota. Slushy snow, which people complained about, that fell a few times in April probably helped to keep some places from becoming dangerously dry.

Grass is growing quickly and lushly with all the rain. Seeds of carrots, kale, broccoli, and wheat recently planted are starting to sprout. The river levels are up and that is a good thing for the fish and water birds that live there. And today’s rain has been a good excuse to stay inside, rest, and relax. There will be dry days soon when I can get back out into the garden.

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