Bird Watching

A robin's nest
A robin’s nest


I was cutting tall grass with a sickle along the edge of some trees to feed to my sheep/ Suddenly there was a bird fussing at me. I looked up and saw that it was a robin. I had been cutting grass right below the nest. So I quickly moved away to let her calm down and looked for another place to cut grass.

I went back a the next day and brought my camera. I approached the area carefully so as not to startle the bird. The robin was not there, not on the nest at least, although I saw one nearby. I didn’t get too close so I don’t know if there are eggs in it or not. I was able to get close enough for a couple of photos. Having this nest nearby and not in a high tree will make it easy to observe the eggs and young birds over the next few weeks as they develop. However, sometimes robin pairs build more than one nest but will use only one of them so there may not be anything to observe at all. I hope this is the nest they choose.

The nest is in a tangle of twigs and branches where a big spruce tree fell over against a smaller pin cherry. It has a nice view of the sunrise. If the robins decide to use this nest I may have to wait awhile before I clear out the dead wood.


A closer view of the robin's nest
A closer view of the robin’s nest

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