Thank You

Erigeron flowers


It’s been just about two and half years since I started this blog A Really Small Farm. Yesterday morning there was notification that I now have 101 followers and had reached 1,000 likes. So, this is just to say “Thank you” to my followers and to everyone who has “liked” my posts even the long-winded ones on lichens.

9 thoughts on “Thank You

        1. Thanks! I wonder just how abundant this lichen is. So few records from MI, WI, and MN and almost all of these all within the last few years.

          I recently found another minute lichen on some old barn wood and an old fence post which I’ll be writing about soon. Getting decent photos of it is a challenge.


    1. Thanks!

      Sometimes I stay up late! But really I’ve got lots of ideas that are in the draft stage. I also try to set aside an hour or two each day just to photograph either early in the morning or late afternoon. Even when I’m doing something like weeding I am thinking of a way to present that task or maybe some thing I photographed previously or want to photograph.

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