First Tomatoes



It may not look like much but this is one of five tomatoes to appear this week on my Piramide paste tomato plants. As best I can remember this is the earliest any of my tomatoes have ever started making fruit. I set out the plants on June 14th about 65 days after sowing the seeds indoors. A few had flowers or small buds even then. Now the plants have put on another half-foot of new growth and many new flowers. It’s hard to know what will happen with my tomato plants over the next month but so far they seem to be off to a good start.

5 thoughts on “First Tomatoes

  1. Good for you! Our tomato plants have gone nearly dear with the potato disease. We had to pull them out. 😕 becausecwe grow veggies biologically, next time we Will try gain, I mean next year.


  2. Congratulations, I think worth celebrating that green first tomato. All those flowers will be (hopefully) delicious tomatoes in a matter of weeks. I am so looking forward to my own, at some future point, drizzled with olive oil and salt.

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