Good weather for mushrooms

Gilled fungus growing from a dead aspen tree
Shelf mushrooms growing from a dead aspen tree


The recent heat, rain, and high humidity have created ideal conditions for the growth of fungi in the woods and fields. A few days ago while cutting poles I noticed these small (about 1 inch across) shelf mushrooms on a dead aspen tree. I don’t know what species they are and have never seen them before. They are a type of gilled fungus and look very similar to oyster mushrooms although they are not.

Elsewhere in the woods I have been coming across tiny parasol mushrooms on leaf litter, Lactarius spp., Amanita spp., coral fungi, eyelash cup fungi, and giant amoeba commonly called slime molds. In grassy areas and in the vegetable gardens in the mulch hay mower’s mushrooms, Conocybe apala, and puffballs have made their appearance.

2 thoughts on “Good weather for mushrooms

  1. I don’t know too much about fungi, just that they are beautiful and interesting. Good to learn a little more from what you write.
    A brilliant photo.


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