The pole beans 45 days after planting

Pole Beans


I planted several varieties of pole beans on May 29th. The seeds sprouted about ten days later and very soon the plants were a foot tall and developing into vines. The vines have grown rapidly in the last two weeks and are now seven feet tall and still growing. In the leaf axils I can see small green flower buds forming and think that early next week there will be flowers in bloom. And then string beans, wax beans, and shell beans.

The bush and half-runner beans are coming along well, too. These are for dry bean production rather than fresh eating. The half-runner beans are a red variety (name unknown) that I’ve grown from saved seeds for several years off and on. This evening I was weeding around them and noticed small green flower buds on these plants. The other dry bean is named Flambo and is a mottled bean. This one seems a little slower but is growing normally and perhaps next week it will have flower buds.

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