Peruvian Purple Potato- I knew it before it was a superstar

Peruvian Blue Potato Flower
Peruvian Blue Potato Flower


These are the flowers from one of my Peruvian purple potato plants. This variety is not a modern hybrid but a true diploid species. It is a fingerling type with oblong tubers are oblong from 2 to 8 inches in length. The eyes are deep set and the skin and interior dark purple-blue. The plants get very large and can spread three or four feet.

Peruvian purple potato is a good producer and the tubers last many months in storage. The flavor is good and they can be prepared baked, boiled, mashed, sliced and simmered, and as hashed browns. The potatoes keep their color well in cooking.

Cultivating Peruvian purple potato is like any other potato but the sets should be planted deeper than for standard types. I use both whole small tubers with sprouts and longer tubers cut into chunks for seed. To plant I dig a trench about a foot deep and place the seed potatoes 10 inches apart. I then fill the trench halfway. As the sprouts emerge and elongate and add the remaining soil leaving just a few leaves showing and cover with a mulch of old hay. The Peruvian purple potato matures late in the season which is usually mid-September here in northern Minnesota. I protect the plants with lightweight row covers if there is a danger of frost or prolonged cold weather.


Peruvian Potato


Lately, colorful foods like the Peruvian purple potato have received a lot of attention for the healthful antioxidant chemicals they contain. There is a lot of hype about them some true some a little fantastic but I knew and was enjoying the humble Peruvian purple potato before it was a superstar.

6 thoughts on “Peruvian Purple Potato- I knew it before it was a superstar

  1. I’m so jealous. Here in South Africa we get one kind of potato – a brown one. Wait I’m wrong – two kinds of potato, a small brown one and a large brown one. Potato sets? Hahaha, what is that? I planted some potatoes I bought from a small shop up the road that sprouted and they’re doing great. I look forward to potatoes that are at least fresh, although I know for sure they’re going to be – uh brown ones.


      1. I got really excited, I bought some with red skins, hoping they were those lovely sweet ones you guys in the US get. Guess what? They were the brown ones with red skins. Sigh! I’m not giving up, there’s a place here sells seeds for the purple and pink ones. OUT OF STOCK, damn. Brown it is.

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        1. Well, when they’re in stock buy certainly them. Some of my potatoes made little green berries last year (actually they do this every year). I never bother with them but one or maybe two got tilled under where I plant garlic and a few seeds sprouted. Little blue and white potatoes under the soil.


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