Nantes Carrots and Cicoria di Chiavari

Carrots and Root Chicory
Nantes Carrots and Cicoria di Chiavari


This year I planted more carrots than last year in three rows for a total of about 120 feet. One row did poorly but the other two are looking good. The plants are getting crowded so I’m thinning them for better production.

I planted some other root crops this year that I have never tried before. One is a variety of chicory called Cicoria di Chiavari (root chicory). The leaves are tough and fuzzy, not good salad greens. The roots get very large and can be cooked like parsnips. Their flavor is slightly bitter but when mixed with carrots, onions, and garlic the different flavors seem to go well and the bitterness is moderated. I cooked up a batch last week in a little oil in a covered sauce pan over low heat until they were tender. Today I’ve gone through the row again and thinned out more crowded plants. These, the carrots, some shallots, and garlic with a little fresh parsley and maybe some new potatoes will be on the menu for dinner tonight.

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