Companion Plants

Common Milkweed and Dakota Ivory Corn
Common Milkweed and Dakota Ivory Corn

3 thoughts on “Companion Plants

  1. What makes these companion plants exactly? Is that ivory corn edible? So many questions, I know.

    I’ve been planting native milkweed all about my urban farm. I had a monarch caterpillar emergency last winter. Too many caterpillars and not enough milkweed to sustain them.

    I panicked and ran out to buy several milkweed to keep them alive and fat. It all worked out in the nick of time!

    I adore having a safe refuge for these at risk monarchs. I even applied for wildlife sanctuary certification afterwards. If You care to read about that, go here:

    In the interim, please let me know more about these odd companions!

    Mind Your Dirt


    1. Kind of a play on the idea of companion plants. Milkweed often grows in cornfields but clean-till methods have eliminated it almost 100% and with detrimental effects on monarch butterflies. In my corn patch there is a some milkweed and I let it grow with the corn (within reason) for the monarchs. So, the two plants are companions.

      Dakota Ivory Corn is a white flour corn and is edible and can be used to make corn meal and hominy. It is a descendant of corn varieties grown by native Americans of the Northern Plains.

      I will read about that wildlife sanctuary. Thanks for the link. Maybe I might qualify too? Lots of milkweed here.

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      1. Based on what I’ve seen on your site, I’d say you definitely qualify!! All you need to accommodate for is food, water, shelter and place for critters to…um…get busy.

        I see about your companion situation. It’s less that the two provide something to one another and more that you’re a considerate farmer that cares. Got it! Well done.

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