Yesterday, while going through one of my corn patches, I saw this honeybee which appeared to be struggling against something on the flower buds of a milkweed plant. My first thought was that she was fighting with some insect or spider. But looking closely I couldn’t see any predatory insect or spider.

Sometimes bees and other insects will get a leg stuck in the opened flowers of milkweeds. The stiff flowers of milkweeds have grooves in between the petals and it is not difficult for a leg to be trapped in one. If the insect cannot get loose or even sacrifice a leg it will eventually die. What was holding this bee and why she seemed to be struggling in such a way like she was stuck is not clear. The bee struggled for about two minutes and then got loose unharmed from what I could see and flew off. A happy ending for the bee.

6 thoughts on “Honeybee

    1. With the 100mm macro you can be a few feet away which can make it easier to photo insects. I was about 2 or 3 feet away. Closer is better but the lens doesn’t focus as well if you are closer than 18 inches. Also, you can set the ISO number for moving objects to 400 although for this one I just used an ISO of 100 which is pretty standard and took many shots one after the other. My camera was on a tripod and already on so it was just a matter of being very still and focusing as best I could. To keep from shaking the camera when I take shots I use a remote button on a cord and just kept on pressing.

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      1. Indeed that is the one I’m looking forward to buy i try with my 50mm 1:4 but i have to get so close they fly away then try with my 35 mm and it was better but not good i had used the 100 mm zoom but it just doesn’t get the details


        1. Yep, the macro lens is good for details when getting close. One of these days (soon I hope) I am going to be getting a new lens that will do more than photo life size. I saw some with a 5:1 magnification. You can add small lens to the macro to magnify but there is distortion. And there are extension tubes but then you’ve got to keep switching parts.

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