Maybe. This purple Chenopodium and several others like it came up in the rows where I planted quinoa (Chenopodium quinoa) seeds this spring as an alternative grain. It was hard to tell if any seeds came up at first as the seedlings looked so much like the other weedy Chenopodium species sprouting in and between the rows. So I left everything to grow hoping that there might be some discernible difference eventually. I noticed these plants were different from the C. album, C. giganteum, and the magenta spreen pigweed that grow wherever soil is disturbed. These have thick purple flower clusters and every part of the plant covered in a fine granular pubescence. So maybe this is quinoa. I hope so. White seeds will be the proof since the other species all have black seeds. If they are quinoa plants then at the very least I will get some seeds that can be planted next year and begin the process of acclimatizing this species, which is native to Peru, Bolivia, Ecuador and Colombia near the equator where days and nights are of approximate equal lengths, to the long day/short night pattern of northern Minnesota.

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