A nice pile of onions

Pile of Onions


All the onions, garlic, bunching onions, and shallots are harvested. The onions were the last to be pulled up. There are about 300 bulbs so I pulled half of them one day, the rest the next. The first group was dry enough today that I could cut off the leaves to finish the drying down process. There is still a large pile left on clean hay where they will dry another day or two.

I’m happy with this year’s onion harvest. The bulbs are large, firm, and with no serious insect damage. Along with the other alliums they will find their way into many savory recipes like tonight’s meal of carrots, root chicory, garlic, and onions simmered in olive oil.

10 thoughts on “A nice pile of onions

      1. I know what you mean. I tried onions from seed for the first time this year. They’re not ready to harvest like yours, but they look really promising. Fingers crossed.


        1. I started with sets which was just easier as I was pressed for time. But there are some varieties that are only available as seeds. I’d really like to try the torpedo and cippolini (coin) onions sometime.

          Did you direct sow your seeds or start them in flats first?

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          1. Those crippling onions look seriously interesting! Thanks for the tip. I started my seeds in flats indoors in January and February. Australian Browns and Yellow of Parma. I had real doubts about them till about a month ago, but now they look healthy and strong.

            Anyway, I might just give cippolinis a try next year 🙂


            1. I’m going to try some from seed next year but still count on sets for the bulk production. I saw some of those cippolinis and other specialty onions being sold as plants but at a high price. So seeds it is.

              Have you tried bunching or multiplier onions? They’re planted in the fall like garlic. Small onions but lots of them. Keep well, too.

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              1. I haven’t tried the bunching onions. Another possibility for next year! For several years I ordered Copra sets online, but they were expensive and I wasn’t too impressed. Seeds are way cheaper, and you can buy exactly what you want. Of course it’s more work.

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                1. I’ll be posting some photos of bunching onions later this week with the single-bulb type and the shallots. I think the variety of bunching onion I have is called Yellow Multiplier. I got the shallots at the grocery store just to see if they would survive here. They have for a few years now.

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