Propagules and Their Dispersal

Garlic Scape


A cluster of bulblets formed at the top of the garlic scape, the terminal leaf which once enclosed them now splitting open. Soon the bulblets from this and other scapes will be collected. New garlic plants will be grown from these tiny bulbs. The small pink flowers on thin green stems squeezing out from between the bulblets may even produce seeds that could grow into new plants. Viable garlic seeds are a rarity and a potential source of new varieties.

5 thoughts on “Propagules and Their Dispersal

  1. My garlic produced bulbils (bulblets) this year. I did an Internet search to find out about this phenomenon and so learned that garlic could be grown from them. What I didn’t find out was how to go about it. Any suggestions?


    1. I’ve planted these before with some success. It seems the best way is to plant the bulblets the same time as one would plant the bulbs. Here, that is in late September. I put them in about an inch deep and about two inches apart, cover with soil and then some straw or hay mulch. The first year a small round bulb with one clove is produced. Re-plant that and a larger bulb with more cloves will be produced. You can eat those or use them as seed garlic again to get more bulbs (that’s my plan).


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