A Sweet and Earthy Aroma


I’ve never grown beets before (the big stock feed mangles don’t count) so I decided to plant a mix of color and shape varieties plus a variety named “Cylindra”. Beets need a deep loamy soil free of stones and rocks and my soil definitely does not meet that description, but I planted anyway. Almost all the seeds sprouted and for the first two months the plants stayed small putting on just a few leaves. I weeded, thinned out the smaller plants, pulled soil up around the others, and mulched with a light scattering of old hay over the plants during the July drought and heat wave. On the hottest days I went up and down the rows watering the plants. This little bit of TLC has paid off and I am now harvesting beets. There are long dark red, round dark red, round bright red, orange, and white beets and all sweet and earthy at the same time.

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