Root crops freshly harvested.
Root crops freshly harvested. From left to right: root parsley, carrots, root chicory, beets.


It’s still too early to harvest all the root crops but some need to be thinned again to make space for the others to grow. Today I pulled about a pound of carrots plus a few beets, and chicory and parsley roots. The potatoes are dying down so it is time to dig these, too. I’ll give them a few days so the soil will dry after the rain we got yesterday. I did dig up some Kipfel fingerling potatoes to roast them with the root crops, onions and garlic for tonight for dinner. The roasted vegetables will be served alongside a casserole of shredded squash (a mix of scallopini, tromboncina, and zuchetta rugosa friulana), potatoes, and garlic, diced onions, mozzarella cheese, red lentils, tomatoes, some red wine vinegar, and seasoned with cumin, black pepper, and paprika. And there will be fresh cornbread. They are cooking now and almost done.

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