A Basket of Apples

Basket of Apples


A sample of the crabapples my trees have produced this year. Some are named varieties (Dolgo, Haralson, Firecracker, Centennial, Whitney) and others are from feral trees, seedlings found here and there, with good fruit and strong form. Their flavors vary from tart to sweet-tart to bitter-sharp. Mixed with sweeter apples these make good apple sauce and country wine. Some of the larger apples and crabapples will be peeled, cored, sliced, some to be dehydrated, some to be frozen for apple crisp. A few quarts of Centennial crabapples, which are sweet-tart, oblong fruit with yellow skins blushed with red and pale yellow inside, after being quartered and cored will soak in brandy three months to be enjoyed later when winter descends.

5 thoughts on “A Basket of Apples

    1. They’re usually sour even when ripe but will be softer. As the apple ripens some of its components- the starches- change to sugars which makes the fruit softer. The fruit will change color as it ripens. I have one that turns from green to yellow and then red when fully ripe. Another goes from green to red to deeper red. Some are red from the start but get a deeper red as they mature, also with these the inside gets red or purple. It’s a good idea to taste test every other day until they taste ripe and are not “stone hard”. Also, look at the seeds. if they are white, green or pale brown the fruit is not ripe. Ripe fruit will have brown seeds.


    1. Apples sure are. I have one apple, a tree found on the side of the road, that reminds of the flavor of wild apples I used to eat when I was growing up. I have read his book but it’s been many years so can’t exactly recall the apple chapter except something about forests with wild apples.


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