It is quinoa

Real quinoa seeds grown here
Real quinoa seeds from plants grown here.


My Zebulon sunflowers are done blooming and the seeds are very ripe. This is attracting birds who are eating the seeds. So to protect my sunflower crop I made hoods out of some old cloth and wrapped the heads. While I was doing that I looked at the amaranth and noticed the colors of the plumes were less brilliant than they were just a few days ago. Rubbing a few pieces in my hands I saw tiny buff colored seeds. The amaranth is ripening. I wondered, What about the “quinoa”? I pinched a small piece from the inflorescence of one plant. The calyx lobes were still soft and juicy but as they broke apart small white seeds fell out. It is quinoa after all.

6 thoughts on “It is quinoa

    1. Thanks! I was hoping this wasn’t just a mutant chenopodium and it isn’t. I think for popping amaranth, which I haven’t tried, you just heat the seeds on a hot griddle or pan keep stirring until they pop. I’d imagine it wouldn’t take long. Lots of amaranth seed forming here so I think there will be plenty to experiment with.

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