Weird frost


There was frost after all the other night. I noticed late yesterday it hit a single ornamental gourd plant and only on some parts of some leaves. For a few minutes at least the air around this plant was at or slightly below freezing. Only twenty feet away is a row of scallopini squash completely untouched. Weird but not an uncommon experience here. I have had whole rows of basil freeze in June while the next row went unscathed. It is hard to explain the peculiar micro-weather here. Other than the selective freezing of a few gourd leaves the night of September 11/12 passed uneventfully. Sunday morning’s weather was also warm at 45 degrees for a low and the day got warmer as the sun rose higher with a maximum of 80 degrees.

The garden keeps growing but it’s mostly cole crops now like kale and cabbage. I’m still waiting for my main broccoli and cauliflower crop to do something. So far none have headed and I wonder if the summer heat wave affected them. A long mild autumn might do the trick for them.

I’m still harvesting corn. Yesterday I got the last of the Dakota Ivory shucked and on a table to dry in the sun. The Painted Mountain is one-quarter done but it could be left standing a few more days with no harm. I’ve harvested some sweet corn and have about thirteen pounds of kernels in the freezer. Maybe that’s enough. I want to leave some to dry for parching corn.

The tomatoes were spared from the frost. They are under a sheet that will hold in the heat at night and hasten ripening. It is so good to not have to rush around picking wheelbarrow loads of green tomatoes and then spread them all over the house to ripen.


Tomato tent being blown away.
Tomato tent being blown away by a south wind.


Winter squash is just about ready to cut from the vines. It wasn’t bothered by any frost. Had that happened I would have to cut all the fruits off and check them for damage. I’m waiting for the stems that attach the fruits to the vines to yellow. When that happens the fruit is ripe and will last longer in storage.

7 thoughts on “Weird frost

  1. I hope frost holds off here for a while yet. My bush delicate squash is starting to wither so picked the largest ones even though the stems are still green. Other squashes still look ok.


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