Maple Leaves

Colorful maple leaves
Autumn foliage of Amur maple

10 thoughts on “Maple Leaves

  1. I love maple leaves, they are very beautiful, their colour in autumn just amazing, and the syrup the tree provides delicious. Did not know that it is an invasive species, I have always thought that it was a Canadian tree though all right.

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    1. This is one is listed as invasive but I’ve only noticed it as an occasional plant of disturbed areas like roads sides. The Minnesota Dept. of Natural Resources lists it as invasive and the Minnesota Dept. of transportation plants along freeways. The Ag. Dept. and county conservation districts until just a few years ago sold it for shelter belt plantings.

      The Canadian maple tree is Acer rubrum (red maple) and Acer saccharum (sugar maple, the leaf on their flag). Both grow naturally in my state of Minnesota, too and are very common.

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    1. I saw that list and I can’t say that Amur maple is a “problem” species in the northern half of Minnesota. Maybe it is more common in the southern half. Even so, I have done a lot of botanical work as far south as the Iowa border and west to North and South Dakota and never saw it in the wild or even on roadsides. It is certainly not in any woods I have been to. I’m not doubting their contention that it is in wooded habitats.

      There are some old plantings along an abandoned RR grade near here. They have been there since before 1970. It is rare to see any seedlings from these Amur maples.

      It makes a lot of seeds like all maples do and these will sprout everywhere in gardens. Again, just like all maples do. Same is true for stump sprouting.

      I’m not sure why being a native of China is an ecological threat but the MN-DNR must have its reasons, however obscure, for thinking that.


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