Planting garlic today (and tomorrow, too)


The evening temperatures are very cool now but the soil is still warm so that means it is time to plant bulbs like garlic and shallots. Today I planted most of my garlic patch and what a day to be outside: cold and windy. I still have about 40 feet left to do. Well, there’s tomorrow to finish that and then begin preparing the new site for the shallots.

I plant my garlic in loose soil in trenches about three to four inches deep. The cloves are planted about six inches apart in rows a foot and a half apart. After planting I carefully rake the soil back over the cloves, pick out any rocks, and mulch with old hay. I plant several garlic varieties with different origins and culinary uses origins. To keep things from getting confused I mark both ends of each row with labeled stakes.

Once the mulch settles a bit I will add another thin layer. This should be enough to protect the cloves all through the winter.

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