Best laid plans and planks

Mulching the corn patch
Manure, planks, and soil


I’m trying to get a head start on spring planting by mulching my corn patches now and with the rows already lined up. I first measure out the rows spacing them three feet apart with a stake marking the beginning and end. Next, I lay down two rows of long planks between the stakes. The planks mark the locations of the corn rows. After that it is haul and spread four very full cartloads of bedding and manure between each pair of planks being careful not to cover the planks. When the planks are removed there is a clear six-inch wide strip of soil where corn will be planted next year. Sounds like a good plan so far. I actually did it this way last spring when planting my corn.

But as with so many plans there are those unexpected events that delay or even foil them and this one is no exception. Weather forecasts were for a few hours of light rain early on Friday followed by partly sunny skies on Saturday and Sunday. Instead, it rained all day Friday into the evening (9/10’s of an inch total) which made work outdoors with heavy loads impractical and the the ground very muddy. Then the forecasters changed their minds and predicted more rain on Saturday and Sunday. But I did get a lot done on Thursday before the rain and maybe, just maybe, by Sunday the rain will have moved on. At least that’s in the latest weather forecast.

14 thoughts on “Best laid plans and planks

    1. I still have potatoes to dig but as long as the weather stays mild they will be safe for another week. I’m putting off digging the other root crops until the very last minute. That way they spend less time in the basement where it’s too warm.

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              1. Of course – ours, too. But because we’ve just gone back to GMT (or UTC-O), it is actually now light again at 6:30. Will be dark by 5 :15 this evening, though, which is definitely not great.

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                1. I was out walking the dog and feeding the sheep just a little while ago. The sun was just coming up and had not yet gone over the trees. Now it’s above the trees. Frost everywhere and even some fog. Definitely not summer anymore. Our clocks are set back after Oct. 31 I think (have to check on that).


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