Glowing Leaves

Blackberry Leaves
The red fall colors of blackberry leaves seem to glow with a pleasant warmth on this cold day.


Cooler days are ahead for the rest of the week with plenty of rain and maybe some snow (I hope not). The ground is still warm so it can absorb the additional moisture where it will be stored through the winter and replenish groundwater. All this rain does make work outside difficult and unpleasant, though. It’s just too muddy and slippery.

But there is work to do inside. Sorting out old and chipped canning jars for recycling can be checked off the list. The dishes are washed and put back in their cabinets. The kitchen floor is swept and mopped ready for the next round of messing up. Later, to the basement to straighten out the supplies for the starter bench, test lights, and organize seedling pots and trays. It may be October but it’s good to have things ready for starting tomatoes before March. And there’s butternut squash and cornbread cooking in the oven for dinner.

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