A possible record

This winter squash is now thirteen months old.
This winter squash is now thirteen months old.


How long can a winter squash last in storage? I’ve had fig-leaf squash (Cucurbita ficifolia) remain sound for three years. This winter squash (C. maxima) and a few spaghetti squash (C. pepo) I harvested in September 2014 show no signs of deterioration. They are now thirteen months old since harvest. There was nothing special about their storage. I kept them in my basement on a wooden table and gave no attention to humidity or temperature. Other squash near them began to rot in July and August so maybe this winter squash and the spaghetti squash are different in some way.

I’ve already opened a few of the spaghetti squash and cooked them. They were a bit dry but there was no bad smell or off flavor. Tomorrow, I’ll be cutting open the winter squash and cooking it. Stay tuned.

5 thoughts on “A possible record

  1. I’m curious to see how it tastes now. I grow so few squash that as soon as one shows any sign of rotting I cut that spot out and do a “rescue roast” and freeze the flesh. Still, last year I was able to keep them all until they were eaten up some time in the spring.

    It’s not a whole squash and it’s looking like the story may not be entirely true, but here’s a recent rediscovery (?) of 800 year old squash seeds http://www.wpr.org/really-cool-squash-makes-comeback-wisconsin-after-800-years

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    1. Even if it were just 100 years old that’s a long seed life. I would like to know more about it but information on the discovery seems scattered and only in newspapers or blog sites.

      If my squash tastes good then its seeds will be planted next year in isolation. They might have a “long keeper” gene worth saving.

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      1. Yeah, the story sounds a little sketchy but I like that it’s reaching people who might not otherwise have given any thought to ancient varieties. Good luck with the “long keeper” genes. They sound worth saving.

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