Old squash

Squash Section
Good color, typical squash smell, no sign of deterioration.


The thirteen month old squash was cooked today. It sliced open a lot easier than some of my other squash do. The skin and rind were thin and soft. Once cut open I saw no sign of decay or deterioration. It also smelled like squash, which is to say it didn’t small bad. Now it was time to cook it. I put the squash pieces in a covered pan with just a little water and baked them at 375 degrees for 40 minutes. A fork passed easily through the pieces so I knew they were done.


Cooked Squash Slices
The squash cooked and ready to eat. Looks good. Tastes good not so much.


So how does a thirteen month old squash taste? I wasn’t all that impressed. It was rather bland not sweet or nutty like the blue and red-orange ones that my vines usually produce. There are a some reasons why this is. This squash may just be not tasty. I get a few like that every year and they are usually green skinned like this one was originally. Or during the long months of storage some of the chemicals that contribute to good flavors were lost. After all the squash fruit is alive and it probably does metabolize to some extent in a process of self-digestion. Still, I am saving the seeds and will set up a growing site for them. Next year they can grow in isolation from all the other squash and I can watch what they do. Maybe this squash was an anomaly but by growing the seeds next year I’ll be able to know more about it. In the meantime, I will eat the other squash I grew this summer. Tonight I am having roasted butternut squash with roasted shallots and beets on the side and Flambo beans over cornbread made from Dakota Ivory White corn and pinole.

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