It is November in Minnesota and during this month the weather can be tricky, warm and sunny one day, cold and cloudy the next. For the last three days the weather has been sunny and almost warm. At least the water is not freezing over on the creek. But it is cold at night and most mornings there is a good amount of frost. Soil in the garden that is not mulched or covered with thick plant growth will freeze to about a half-inch.

Most plants, wild and domesticated, are now dormant but even this late in the season a few flowers are still blooming. By far the most common one in my gardens is viola. These aren’t any particular breed just random seedlings from a mix of hybrids bought many years ago which have self-sown ever since. Their purple and blue petals reflect the coolness of November but some have sunny yellow centers. The violas will keep on blooming until they are covered by snow. In April or even in March when winter snows melt these plants will start to grow and flower again.

Here and there a few bright yellow dandelions are looking summery even though the air temperatures are only 50 degrees at noon. And the lonicera is still flowering on vines with ripe red berries and dropping yellow and orange leaves.

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