Cucuzza seeds

inside a gourd
Spongy interior of the cucuzzi gourd with some good seeds


I had great success growing cucuzzi gourds this year. The vines shot up their trellis and beyond producing many tender edible gourds. And for several weeks there were dozens of white flowers that looked like giant snowflakes blooming every day right up until the killing frost. I let a few of the gourds grow on and one made it to full size at three feet in length with a solid rind. Before the frost I cut it from the vine and brought it indoors. Once in the house the gourd sat in a warm corner to continue ripening. I was hoping it might have seeds that could be planted next year. An enlarging spot of decay at one end signaled it was time to check. I cut off the tip and sliced it open revealing a soft spongy interior and some seeds. Most of the seeds were not mature. But there were enough to equal the contents of a standard seed packet.

The seeds of these gourds are quite unusual looking. In shape they are roughly rectangular but narrowed at one end so they resemble a small bottle. Their appearance is much different than the seeds of other squash and gourds which oval. I hope that next spring these seeds will germinate and grow into new vines that will produce plenty of gourds for eating and for more seeds. Maybe with a little effort and time I can get this variety to adapt to our climate and latitude, too.


cucuzzi gourd seeds
Cucuzzi Gourd Seeds

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