Storm coming

storm clouds trees
Stormy weather moving in this afternoon.


There’s a storm coming that will sweep across southern Minnesota and continue east to Wisconsin and beyond. So far it looks like it will miss where I live. But not everything is going to be fine. In the next several hours a cold front will move down from Canada. Our temperatures will drop about 30 degrees and stay that way for at least a week. I just hope it doesn’t rain tonight as predicted since there is also a chance of freezing rain and snow. Slushy snow mixed with rain could freeze onto my roof and stay there all winter making it difficult to clean off snow that will come later in the season.

So far we’ve gotten three inches of rain in that many days and that is too much. The ground is soaked and my sump pump is coming on every 2.75 minutes. The rain has also raised the river just above its flood stage and the water has spread out a few hundred feet on either side. This may pose problems next spring when all the winter snow melts and has no place to go.

On top of all this the furnace part has not arrived.

13 thoughts on “Storm coming

  1. Must say that there’s something very strange going on with the weather. any idea of what’s “normal” is out the window. For instance,it’s summer here, yesterday it was 37C, ie. 98F, tarmac melting hot, if we had tarmac, and we don’t, just dirt. It was so hot, it was like the apocalypse had happened and nobody told us. Now it’s cold, icy wind, I’m wearing a sweater. I have burned eyelids from working in the garden yesterday. Today I wish I hadn’t put my electric blanket away.


      1. We’re having a horrible drought in the summer rainfall areas, the farmers are shooting their cattle and the wildlife are in dire straits. My area is winter rainfall and we had some quite good rains, so we’re OK for now,


  2. Hoping you stay warm enough, and can also stay dry, and that furnace part get where it belongs already! If you can’t heat the whole house with wood, maybe a tip that may help: My grandparents would run the water a trickle to keep it from freezing in very cold weather, in one of the colder bathrooms. And lastly, worrying won’t change the course of events, so try to keep a sense of humor!

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