Taking some time off

frost on corn leaf


A busy long weekend ahead and after that more things to do as the winter holidays get nearer. So I’m taking some time off from blogging. I’ll be cooking some of my butternut squash, beets, and parsnips for a family meal coming up on Saturday. Not sure if I’ll make a pie this year or not, might just save that for Christmas.

There are seeds to clean, sort and pack from the various varieties of corn, beans, and squash I grew this year. Seeds to plant, too, like wild plum seeds into pots of soil and then store in a squirrel-proof place outside. I’ve got a few indoor projects to work on as well. My water well pump needs some adjusting so that’s the first project. Then there is the old root cellar to clean. It hasn’t been used for much in years since the house addition cut it off from the outside wall. But maybe it I can find come other purpose for it like forcing endive or rhubarb for winter greens. That’s one of my ideas.

Anyway, I have many posts in the works on recipes for the new foods I grew this summer. I’ve already roasted some chicory roots and found that a little white wine vinegar and mustard can moderate the bitter flavor. And I’ve got research to do for more posts on insects like the sparkling love bug. So there will be sporadic posts throughout the winter on food, saving seeds, squash taxonomy, bugs, spiders in the basement, lichens, and snow.

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