Garden progress


Spring up here has been a series of mild days punctuated by bouts of cold, almost winter-like weather and occasional days of hot weather. This weekend it feels like winter, there was even a dusting of snow, and the overnight lows are in the mid-30’s and upper-20s. That makes it a little difficult to put out tomatoes and peppers so they remain indoors under lights.

Officially, we are in a drought which began during the winter and that may continue into summer. The rest of May is forecast to be warm and dry but with small chances of thunderstorms. In the meantime I continue to plant and get the rest of the garden ready.

I planted about 250 feet of yellow Stugarter onions and 100 feet of potatoes (Ozette and Purple Peruvian) on April 14 because back then the weather was so warm and it seemed that it would continue that way. Soon cooler weather returned but that did not seriously affect the onions or potatoes and both have emerged above the soil. The rest of the potatoes will go in on Monday.

At about the same time I planted the onions and potatoes the garlic started to poke through the mulch. Now the plants have 4 to 5 leaves. About two weeks later the first shallots and bunching onions emerged above the soil. Rhubarb appeared early and has continued to grow. It seems way ahead of last year’s crop and I will start harvesting next week.

The first batch of chard, beet, parsnips, beets, kale, cabbage, broccoli, and cauliflower was planted last week. No rain of any consequence is forecast and even though they are mulched I will have to water them if anything is to germinate.

14 thoughts on “Garden progress

  1. Lots going on in your farm, despite the slow start to the growing year. All very interesting to read, and especially when I am reminded that due to our stay away nothing was done yet in my garden since the winter 🙂

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      1. Haha, and I’ve just had the offer of a kind young man who want to come and help me organise the garden again, but to be honest, I am really enjoying finding the vegetables and wild edible plants among the huge other stuff growing on the beds 🙂 amazing what I find.

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