My other job starts now

Beaver pond up north
A beaver pond in the rocky terrain of northern Minnesota


Spring is well under way and soon summer will be here. Now is the time I begin working full-time in the woods and swamps of northern Minnesota on botanical surveys. One of my work projects, which I began this week, takes me very close to the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness (BWCAW). I’ll be in the woods three or four days a week. Fortunately, the garden can take care of itself and someone will be feeding my sheep and chickens so there is no worry about them while I am gone.

The terrain is rugged with steeply inclined rock outcrops, floating marshes, dense forests, and swamps to navigate. Every day will be filled with hours of walking (my legs are still feeling this week’s adventure). There will be plenty of scenery, too, like this beaver pond located between two long outcrops of lichen encrusted granite. Looks like a busy but interesting summer ahead.


Two forests from previous botanical surveys in northern Minnesota

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