Flash flood

sump pump


While I was away from home last week working in the northern Minnesota woods a powerful storm swept across the state late Monday afternoon. It brought heavy rains, hail, lightning, strong winds, even a few tornadoes. Within a few hours almost a foot of rain fell in my town which caused flash floods. Then the power went out because of a lightning strike which also fried the sump pump in my basement. Soon there was 18 inches of water covering the floor. Fortunately, the only thing damaged by water was the water heater and the damage was minor. I did loose some cardboard boxes, a dehumidifier, and a few bags of old onions.

Family members came over replaced the sump pump and called someone to fix the water heater. They hauled out some of the soggy debris, too. So a “thank you” to all of them.

I was deep in the woods when this was happening. The rain and wind there were heavy but I got out just as they started. Back at camp my tent held up and kept me dry. The next day the sun was out and the skies blue and it was back to work in the woods.

I had planned to use my weekend off painting more of my house and weeding in the garden. Instead, I was hauling out wet old boxes, soggy onions, and buying two new dehumidifiers. For awhile it looked like the basement would dry out but last night a circuit tripped and the new sump pump shut off. Now the basement is wet again and I have spent the early morning hours sweeping water across the floor to the sump.

There is some good news: the weather forecast for next week is warm and sunny. I hope that while I am gone working on another project that all will be well here.

12 thoughts on “Flash flood

  1. I’ll gladly take any spare water off of your hands! We have enough the opposite problem here in San Diego. So glad yours wasn’t worse than it was, but still sorry for the flooding.

    By the way, I switched over to a self hosted site and I lost all my WordPress subscribers! I can’t recall if you were subscribed to Mind Your Dirt or not, but if you were, kindly re-subscribe so I’m not so lonely anymore 😦


    1. I’ll try to send some your way as we have plenty of water now! We’ve had some bad floods here (like in 2012) but this one came and went in a day. The water in the basement is just about gone now. I’ve got three dehumidifiers and several fans going in addition to the sump pump.

      I think I was a subscriber so I’ll look you up and resubscribe to your new site.

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      1. I recall when I was living in Buffalo seeing the basement of a foreclosed house. The water heater had exploded and the basement was flooded about a good 2 feet. It was also in the middle of winter. It was a beautiful nightmare! Frozen massive waterfall surrounded by an ice rink. Quite the sight and sooooo glad it wasn’t my house.

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