About Really Small Farm

vegetable garden
One of my gardens several years ago with amaranth, beans, and onions

Really Small Farm was started in 1999. It is located in Carlton County, Minnesota near the Moose Horn River. Much of the property (the total size is 120 acres) is in its natural condition and consists of wetlands, woodland openings, and forests. Only about 6 acres out of that are actually farmed if that’s the right word. I have left almost all those acres in grasses with plantings of hedge rows and small groves of trees. The grass areas are pasture for my Shetland sheep and chickens. Then there is a fruit orchard with apples, currants, and plums and few other unusual types of berries. In the gardens I grow garlic, potatoes, onions, greens, squash, corn, tomatoes, cucumbers, herbs, cabbage, rhubarb and many other vegetables. With hard work and luck I am able to grow almost all the temperate zone fruits and vegetables I need.

I also grow antique irises, peonies, and plants I call “rescue plants“.

Hills of winter squash
Hills of winter squash

A few years ago I started selling my produce at a nearby farm market. An experience that’s for sure and one that I’ll be repeating in a few years. I stopped selling in 2012 after a flood destroyed my main potato garden and also damaged my house. Damage to the house has been fixed and things lost in the flood replaced. I’ve been restoring the potato garden and will grow more cover crops on it again this year.

The primary purpose of my garden, though, is to grow healthy organic food. Almost all the fruits and vegetables I eat every day come from what I grow or gather wild. I’ve posted articles with recipes for some of what I grow and will keep on doing this as I try ways of preparing garden produce.

A bowl of parched sweet corn.
A bowl of parched sweet corn.

In addition to gardening, cooking, and raising small livestock I do a lot of exploring in the property’s wetlands and forests. From time to time I post articles on the wilder side of life here featuring plants, fungi, lichens, mosses, and many other things.

helianthus annuus sunflower

12 thoughts on “About Really Small Farm

  1. Thank you for visiting my little blog. I’m envious of your farm and how much of it is uncultivated natural area. Although I wouldn’t like to live that far north. Looking forward to reading more about it.


    1. Certainly my pleasure to have found you (by way of John Moore who re-blogged a post of yours). And thanks for the comment, too!

      Even though the climate is cold here it does have its special beauties.


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